Human Rights and Social Welfare Organisation

AUFO is a Human Rights and Social Welfare Organization. Our mission is to unite at one platform. and our aim is to work for  Help, Peace,Patience,Prosperity,Journalists Unity, Businessmen Unity, Business awareness,Social and Civil welfare, Fight against social injustice, Fight against unemployment, Fight against Human Rights Violation,To help poor, patients and needy people,Problems and conflicts settlement together and to stop every type of violence and Fight in society etc. AUFO is a Human Rights Organization. AUFO members are not just from one field or community. They are from every field of life.We are organization of peaceful people our members Major responsibilities are to solve their own problems together as well as if they see any violence like human rights violation or poverty around them; they try to solve that issue and their problem. Many of us might have noticed in their life that there is special group of some criminal mind people, they just create a group of few people and start to fight with every good and peaceful and respected citizen. They think they are brave Just because that citizen is alone and they are in a form of group. Why it is like that? Why peaceful people can’t live in a form of group? If this type of group fight with respected and innocent citizen, at least some people should be together and should loud their voice against this violence misbehavior. Now AUFO is fighting for the right of poor and innocent people. Contact us now for becoming AUFO family member.