Journalist Organization

AUFO is also a Journalist organization. Many journalists like Anchors, Reporters, News Readers, Article writers etc. are executive members of AUF organization. We are together for Welfare of journalists, Journalists security, Journalist co-operation, Journalists relationship, Journalist gathering, journalist threats solution, Journalist legal issues and journalist advertising etc. We are providing to all journalists a special membership cards. All journalists members are solving all problems together.

AUFO is also a Journalist organization. Every one knows that journalism is very hard and risky field. Every day Journalists are struggling for getting news and secret information for public. When they publish any news or they uncover any secret story they receive many threats about killing, they face cases without involvement in any crime, they face violence and some time criminals kidnapped their families and many more. So AUFO has become major platform for journalist to face all these problems together. More than 200 journalists are executive members of AUFO. They help each other for getting information, news and whenever they face any difficulty AUFO member fight together with that problem. Any journalist who comes under the umbrella of AUFO he gets news and information very fast along with this he feels happy and secure. AUFO provides best platform to all journalist where they can exchange their ideas and information. So we can say without hesitation that AUFO is one of the best platform for journalist security. Come and join a united force (AUFO) for peace, happiness and secure life and for better career.