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About Publak International Institute

Publak International institute is registered under govt. of Pakistan in SECP.

It is an online Knowledge, Research, development and practical institute. Our aim is to produce top businessmen, journalist and marketing specialists. Publak International Institute is the only institute which is helping its students from 0 to 100%. We believe that success comes after best knowledge, Research, Plan and Practice.

We do it with the right way. When a student gets admission our process for his success starts like this.

  1. We provide complete knowledge and information in 2 hours lecture to our student.
  2. After Lecture Spend one month for deep Research.
  3. Before Completing Research process we write plan in 2 days
  4. Afterwards this we give two hours lecture about advertising and marketing of any business.
  5. And finally we start practical for 3 month and we try to achieve our real goal otherwise we start again.
  6. Later passing this training course successfully we provide two certificates to our student.

How to get admission and Certificates.

  • Visit our website publakinstitute.com
  • Apply online, fill admission form
  • Now we will contact you.
  • We will give him two hours lecture.
  • After providing Knowledge in two hours we will take knowledge test.
  • When passing knowledge test we will give some topics for research.
  • Once doing one month research Student will write an assignment on that research
  • Then again there will be test from that assignment.
  • After passing research and assignment test we will start plan and practical
  • We will give knowledge about Sales and Marketing about that business.
  • Before successfully doing practical we will issue two certificates
  1. Knowledge and Research Expert
  2. Business Management expert

Diploma for Business Management

Diploma for Journalism

Our Top Courses