A United Force Organization (AUFO)

I am very thankful to all mighty ALLAH who gave me this power to start A United Force Organization (AUFO).  My Idea about AUFO is to unite everyone for peace and prosperity especially businessmen and journalists. I strongly believe that we can solve any problem if we are fighting in the form of group or team. Our mission is to unite whole Pakistan and to fight against violence, poverty by a peaceful way.
AUFO members are from all over the Pakistan and international world. Major responsibilities of our members are to solve their own problems together as well as if they see any violence like human rights violation or poverty around them; they try to solve their problem.
As I said before that AUFO members are not just from one field or community. They are from every field of life. They are uniting for peace and prosperity. Many of us might have noticed in their life that there is special group of some criminal mind people, they just create a group of few people and start to fight with every good and peaceful and respected citizen. They think they are brave Just because that citizen is alone and they are in a form of group. Why it is like that? Why peaceful people can’t live in a form of group? If this type of group fight with respected and innocent citizen,  at least some people should be together and should loud their voice against this violence misbehavior.  Now AUFO is fighting for the right of poor and innocent people.
We offer membership anyone who believe that we can bring positive change in our society together or he who wants to bring prosperity in the society, He who wants peace he hates human right violation, who never break law of country he can get our membership.  Contact us now for becoming AUFO family member.

Businessmen Organization

AFOU is also called businessmen organization. We believe that we can bring prosperity by more business. So we pay special attention on business growth. Many businessmen are executive members of AUFO from all around the word. Every member is from different field so they are helping each other. Like AUFO one member is from rent a car field and second is from tire shop and third is from auto washing and garage center and forth is from auto spare parts now all are member of AUFO and they are buying all service from each other so their business is increasing without any hard work and tension. They are getting good service, respect, good price, qualitative product etc. so there is huge benefit for businessmen who are member of AUFO.
If any businessman who is member of AUFO is facing any threat he contacts to other member and they face that issue together and they also solve that problem together. AUFO is the only businessmen organization where people can learn business, advertising and marketing completely free.  Become AUFO member now and feel like you are not alone you have thousands of family members who will help you in business and social life.

Journalist Organization

We know that journalism is very hard and risky job. Every time they are struggling for getting news and secret information for viewers. When they publish any news or they uncover any secret story they receive many threats about killing, they face cases without involvement in any crime, they face violence and some time criminals kidnapped their families and many more.So AUFO has become major platform for journalist to face all these problems together. More than 200 journalists are executive members of AUFO. They help each other for getting information, news and whenever they face any difficulty AUFO member fight together with that problem. Any journalist who comes under the umbrella of AUFO he gets news and information very fast along with this he feels happy and secure. AUFO provides best platform to all journalist where they can exchange their ideas and information. So we can say without hesitation that AUFO is one of the best platforms for journalist security.
Finally I want to say everyone who is interested to join our group, come and join us for peace keeping, for poor help, for your security and happiness. AUFO Members are one family they never leave alone any of family member.