A United Force Organization (AUFO) is a non-profitable, non-political and non-governmental organization founded by Aamer Habib AUFO Mission is to work for true human rights, peace, prosperity, Business awareness and unity in our country . We believe that Union is Strength. We use this strength for spreading peace,  prosperity and positive image of our country. We fight against unemployment. We find jobs for jobless people. We create business for more and more jobs. We help to everyone but by legal way without law breaking. Read More

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AFUO also called businessmen organization. We are uniting businessmen at one platform for Business Ideas, Business Plans, Business Guidelines, Business awareness, Business co-operation, Business support, Business Relationship, Business Security, Risk Awareness, Market demand, Market assessment, Business problems solution etc..  Read More

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AUFO is also a Journalist organization. Many journalists like Anchors, Reporters, News Readers, Article writers etc. are executive members of AUF organization. We are together for Welfare of journalists, Journalists security, Journalist co-operation, Journalists relationship, Journalist gathering, journalist threats solution, Journalist legal issues and journalist advertising etc. We are providing to all journalists a special membership cards. Read More

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AUFO is a Human Rights and Social Welfare Organization. Our mission is to unite at one platform. and our aim is to work for  Help, Peace,Patience,Prosperity,Journalists Unity, Businessmen Unity, Business awareness,Social and Civil welfare, Fight against social injustice, Fight against unemployment, Fight against Human Rights Violation,To help poor, patients and needy people,Problems and conflicts settlement together and to stop every type of violence and Fight in society etc. Read More

Benefits of Membership

Terms and Conditions